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Boston Personal Training & Weight Loss Solution For Busy Professionals

Experience the Bfit Boston Personal Training difference and find out how busy Boston Professionals losing weight, getting back in shape with personal training.

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Does This Sound Like You?


Seems Like There Is Never Enough Time

You have a busy schedule that makes it seems like you don't have time to workout. Then you become Tired, Frustrated, and not sure what you should do?


Nothing Seems To Work?

When you do try and workout you have no idea of what to do or even if it will work? You struggled seeing results or haven't seen any at all and it just seems like nothing is working for you.


SICK and TIRED of every Diet Starving yourself in the process

You’ve been battling with this for long enough. You want something that will work without giving up the foods you love. 

What Everyone Is Saying

I have several years of experience engaging personal trainers in a number of different settings. I began working with Bill and Bfit Personal Training Boston more than a year ago for three weekly sessions. At our first consultation, he proved to be a great listener, and asked questions to determine my fitness goals. We moved quickly and seamlessly into the assess, plan and execute phases of my tailored program. I realized early on that Bill knows his stuff and that I was investing in that knowledge to get the most out of our workouts. His approach safely raises the bar and pushes my limits.

Joe M.
Senior Account Executive Northbourough, MA

“Bill fits the bill”, his training experience works for me; I have made and maintain better gains with personalized workout sessions as opposed to a gym setting. The routine of the gym becomes boring to me and I lose motivation. Bill’s personal attention, watchful eye, and the accountability makes working out a lot less complicated and keeps me consistent. I have been working with Bill for about a year now and if you can believe this I actually look forward to our workout sessions. I think I owe it to myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a strength training program developed for my personalized needs, one less thing for me to think about. As mentioned Bill brings a lot to the table including his personality and enthusiasm, I bring the desire to stay healthy.

Joe H.
Retired firefighter, Metro west

“Wow!” “My arms don’t look FAT!” That was my very happy exclamation when I saw the photo of me in my best friend’s wedding. When my best friend asked me to be the Maid of Honor in her wedding, I knew it was time to get my butt in gear. There was no way I was going to look fat in those photos. Come on, you know all your high school friends are going to see those on Facebook! I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed someone to show up on my front door and push me. I found the ad for BFit and Bill was great. He was very professional and knowledgeable about what he does, and I felt very comfortable with him. I really saw results and with Bill’s help I accomplished my goal… to not have fat arms in the wedding pics! In the process Bill has become not only my trainer, but a friend of mine, and I would recommend him to everyone! Thanks, Bill!

Nicole S.
Corporate Event Management Brookline, MA

What Is Going to Happen When You Lose The Weight


Your going to have a better looking Body that EVERYONE with notice ESPECIALLY your spouse

Gain Confidence so that you don't need to wear baggy clothing to cover everything up anymore and not be self-conscious about the way you look

Learn how to Lose Weight WITHOUT giving up Burgers or Beer (yes it is possible despite what the magazines say )

Become Fit, Strong, and Athletic regardless of what you have tried before.Just have a better quality of life, does this one need explaining?

BFit Boston Personal Training Guarantees That You Will:

  • Be more Confident in social events and not be self-conscious about the way you look
  • Become more Fit so now you can actually enjoy being active
  • Have more Energy for those activities and your life
  • Become Healthier, so that when you lose weight it helps get rid of those aches and pains
  •  Just be Happier, does this one need explaining?

Are you ready for a Lasting CHANGE?

Well let me get real with you for a second. The way I work and the way I push my personal training clients is a little different. But my own results and my clients' results speak for themselves. The strategies and philosophies that I use regarding fitness aren't similar to anyone I know. I go deep into your life, lifestyle and daily patterns. Trying to get in your head and see what the root causes are.

If you’re not ready today, that’s totally cool and don’t worry about it. I can’t save everyone and everyone doesn’t need saving. This is why I have an application process to train with me. That way I can find people who are serious about this and don’t want to mess around. If you aren’t ready what I have to offer is probably not for you.


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